Faery Inspired – Wee One Necklace!

 Custom Riana I had the pleasure of custom making a mini necklaces for a lovely little Aussie girl earlier this month.  Her Father came to me with a very clear vision of how he wanted this “Of the Earth – Whimsical, Woodland, Faery” necklace to look like.

We sat down, and went through my bead supply, and came up with this special little number!  I may have added a small amount of “pink” after he left, but he gave it the final approval before I finished….every little girls needs at least a small amount of pink, right!?

The Feature bead for this necklace is a big, earthy chunk of African Turquoise! Turquoise is nice, not only because it is such an unique and physically beautiful stone (that comes in so many vibrant and earthy colours) but also for its healing properties.  It is associated with the sky, and brings sky energy to the earth. It is the stone of protection, and is also a master healer stone, speeding up the healing process.  I LOVE that these powerful properties have been made into a necklace for a wee being.

Here is this lovely little girl with her protection jewels!  She received this necklace for her Birthday and came straight over to show me!  So precious!