Jinju Bead Co.


Because I LOVE pretty sparkly semi-precious stones SO much, my Hubby and myself have decided to open up shop with “Jinju Bead Co.” !!  This is an extension of skyepiece, offering loose beads and silk satchels!

This collection of hand picked semiprecious stones from India and Nepal, with a  hint of Tibet was collected with love (+ a little bit of sweat, on my Hubby’s part!).  During our travels to India and Nepal, I fell in love with many things, in particular, their gorgeous array of lavish Stones.

Our travels took us to many amazing places, where we saw many awe inspiring sights, but somehow the magnetic pull of the sparkly stones kept attracting me to the shop fronts of many a gemstone merchant….adding up to about 15kg of little beauties, lovingly lugged around the countryside by my patient Hubby!

We also stumbled upon a lovely family who make the most beautiful handmade silk satchels, out of Indian Sari Fabric!  The satchels are vibrantly coloured and the quality in which each one has been made is impeccable!   Of course I needed to add these to the collection, but luckily for us (or perhaps just my Hubby?) one of the family members had a small Post shop!  Not only did we not need to cart around the satchels, but we were also finally able to send the stones on their long journey by boat to Australia!

We have since added to our collection and It brings us great pleasure now getting to share these beautiful treasures with the world, in their raw form, so that they may be created into something special of their very own!

These treasures can be found at the below link!

Take me to Jinju Bead Co. Take me to Jinju Bead co!